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Crowded Spaces such as stadiums, shopping centres, pedestrian malls, civic spaces and major events will continue to be an attractive target for terrorists. This presentation outlines key design principles, offers insight into how protective measures can be integrated into public and private places leading to the development of effective and aesthetically complimentary design that help protect crowded spaces from hostile vehicles.

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Where road traffic and foot traffic approach each other, its important to make clear designations regarding which traffic belongs where. This is particularly vital in a dense, highly populated city like Sydney, where people and vehicles are often in close quarters. Bollards are an ideal tool for this purpose. Bollards can be used both to delineate where vehicles may not enter and can protect pedestrians from accidents and attacks. Bollards are made in various configurations, so you can select the design and functionality you need for your location. We provide bollards in various materials, including stainless steel, so you can achieve a quality finish without compromise on functionality.