About Us

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Ezi Security Systems designs, manufactures and installs a premium range of perimeter security solutions for both vehicle and pedestrian access control, with specialised expertise in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and protection of Crowded Spaces. With core competence established over 23 years, Ezi Security Systems provides innovations of our own invention, and via alliances with undisputed world leaders in our field, deliver sophisticated solutions at the leading edge of global technology.

Over the past 5 years the world has changed dramatically. In collaboration with our strategic business partners, Ezi has responded with focus, mitigating hostile vehicle threats with our Crowded Spaces range of products. Ezi offers permanent solutions for risk categories from low to extreme, as well as rapid deployment products for crowded spaces and public events, such as the Impakt and Rapid Defender products.  All Ezi Security Systems AVB and HVB systems have been rigorously crash tested and certified to meet requisite ASTM, IWA and PAS 68 stipulations. Along with our global partners, Ezi Security Systems actively collaborate in the development and deployment of contemporary strategies such as VAAW (Vehicle as a Weapon) mitigation, deploying whole of environment solutions. Ezi have solutions to meet your very highest security requirements whilst maintaining an aesthetically compatible solution for your site. You can be confident that when serious security is your requirement, you need look no further than Ezi. We stand ready to be of expert service in an ever evolving environment, as global security risks increasingly demand local solutions.