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Ezi Security Systems designs, manufactures and installs a premium range of perimeter security solutions for both vehicle and pedestrian access control, with specialised expertise in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and protection of Crowded Spaces. With core competence established over 25 years, Ezi Security Systems provides innovations of our own invention, and via alliances with undisputed world leaders in our field, deliver sophisticated solutions at the leading edge of global technology.


Providing Tested & Trusted Solutions

Crowded Spaces & Pedestrian Safety

Where pedestrians congregate, Ezi Security Systems has solutions that provide robust defences. We manufacture and stock a variety of security products for public safety and security management.


Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)

Ezi Security manufactures and provides a range of products that protect pedestrians from vehicular aggressions or accidental vehicle collisions. Depending on the scenario, Ezi Security can provide highly rated security barriers and defences that suit the situation, even adding aesthetic interest and utility for open areas in world leading foundation depths. All Ezi products are tested to PAS68 or IWA14.


Non-Rated Perimeter Security

Where property boundaries need demarcation, Ezi Security can provide unrated barriers and fences to denote an authorised or private area and prevent general entry. Standard perimeter security can be installed in tandem with higher rated security products for improved safety.


Surface-Mounted Security

We can provide security solutions even in established built locations. We provide a range of surface mounted products that do not require grounding in the foundation, and even some of our rated products are surface mounted for convenience without compromise and these products are tested to world governing standards such as PAS68 & IWA14.



Once we’ve designed and installed your new security system, we stay on the road with you. Ezi Security Systems will continue to provide service and maintenance programs for your security products to ensure they are fully operational at all times. We also provide ongoing emergency service call outs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ezi Security Systems will always ensure your security solutions are really solving your problems, not creating them.


Revolutionising The Security Industry

Ezi Security is constantly researching and testing to provide security solutions at the knife’s edge of the industry. We pride ourselves on our consistent contributions to the security industry, and on our ability to deliver these products to you. We have designed and manufactured a range of revolutionary vehicle-defence barriers that can defend against the largest road vehicles. Ezi Security has many products in its portfolio which have received world industry leading awards and we are proud to offer these products to our clients.


One Of Australia’s Leading Security Companies

If you are in the market for highly effective commercial security solutions that are rated for the most extreme threat mitigation, Ezi Security is simply the best in the industry. We design and manufacture our own products and employ only the best security technicians in the market, so we can always provide you with excellent products and services delivered with great customer service. Get in touch today to discuss how we can make your security Ezi.


Capability Statement

Contact us on 1300 588 304 or email sales@ezisecurity.com for our full CAPABILITY STATEMENT for 2022.