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Ezi Security Systems uses its own qualified staff to service and maintain our various security products. Our team members are recruited for their experience within in the security industry, meaning we can provide a range of qualified and insightful security technicians at your disposal. At Ezi Security Systems, we strongly believe in cultivating our own trained and motivated Service & Maintenance Team to maintain our commitment to excellent and outstanding customer service.

As an Ezi Security Systems customer you will have unlimited access to our skilled technicians providing top quality workmanship and technical knowledge to maintain your security systems. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend any emergency breakdown that may arise. Furthermore, our technician support team can provide telephone support and advice.


Research & Design

When you engage Ezi Security for your security requirements and solutions you will have the benefits of 25+ years of experience and combined knowledge of all of our technicians. We will work with you to discuss your needs in running your business or space, your ideas on how best to secure your locations, what concerns you have about the system, and what you have to expect from your new security system. Ezi Security will discuss the particular nature of your locations, potential threats to the safety of pedestrians and employees, as well as risk management. We will ensure every potential safety concern is addressed whilst providing a system that works to the advantage of your business.


Routine Maintenance Program

Ezi Security has complete confidence in our manufactured products and services to consistently and continuously provide the security and functionality that your company requires. However, maintenance should still be part of any good security system to ensure potential problems are addressed before they create a danger or vulnerability and to keep your system running exactly as it should. As part of our Routine Maintenance Program, you receive:

– Discounted rates for all labour & parts
– Customised development of a routine maintenance plan
– Detection of system faults that in daily use may go unnoticed
– Cost-effective management of security system
– Provision of written reports on system status
– Review to ensure system compliance with changing legislation
– 24-hour phone access to our customer service team
– Peace of mind, knowing your security system is fully operational

EZI SECURITY can offer you a tailored system maintenance plan to ensure your system upkeep suits your specific needs and risk profile.

Physical Maintenance Inspection Plans

  • Platinum – Comprehensive maintenance – Is the platinum class level of maintenance
  • Gold – Preventative maintenance – Recommended minimum level
  • Silver – Reactive service plans

Ezi security highly recommends a Gold level plan for peace of mind.

Benefits of service plans include:

  • Compliance with regulations, insurance and policies
  • Maintain costs the total cost of ownership
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Physical security breach
    • Mechanical failure
    • Loss of time
    • Networks and system updates
    • Reputation


24/7 Emergency Call Out

Ezi Security Systems is with you rain or shine and day or night – our technicians are available on call 24/7 to attend out any breakdowns during business hours as well as after hours. If you have an emergency breakdown with your security system, our technicians are just one phone call away and we can assure that our experienced technicians will be on site in no time to ensure your system is up and running again as quickly as possible.


Quality Workmanship

We manufacture and provide the highest quality of long-lasting security products on the market. Our products are award-winning innovations in the industry, and we provide continuous support so you know you will never be left in the lurch when you’re with Ezi.


Trusted Security Management with Ezi Security Systems

Ezi Security offers peace of mind that comes only with selecting a team that produces high quality systems and maintains them on an ongoing basis and at any time that is necessary. Our innovative products and services are well-recognised within the industry and have broken ground in security standards. When you choose Ezi Security Systems as your security service you can sleep well at night knowing we are there.


Give us a call today to discuss a service program tailored to your company security needs and your site requirements.