Road Safety: Preventing Traffic Injuries with Security for Public Spaces

multiple truckstopper bollards sydney against a red truck

In New South Wales, the government will be using smart cameras that will catch drivers in the state who are using their phones while driving to improve safety. These new safety rules have been introduced amidst the deadliest 12 months in the roads of the state in almost a decade. Almost 400 people died on the roads of NSW in the past year alone which is the highest since 2010.

However, there are also other ways businesses with public spaces can improve road safety.

Safety Barriers

These types of road barriers are intended to stop vehicles that have gone out of control. It will help such vehicles from straying into the path of oncoming traffic and leaving the road and hit other roadside hazards. In short, the safety barriers are meant to redirect vehicles and lower the severity of what could have been an extreme accident. There are three types of safety barriers today.

Flexible Barriers – These are made from wire rope that is being supported by frangible posts. This type of barrier could be the ideal option to minimise injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. It is capable of deflecting more compared to the other two types of barriers and will need repairs after it has sustained impact to maintain its capability.

Semi-Rigid Barriers – This is a type of barrier that is made usually from steel rails or beams. Although they deflect less compared to a flexible barrier, they can be situated closer to the hazard in case there is limited space.

Rigid Barriers – Often made with concrete, these barriers are not able to deflect vehicles. They are only used when there is simply no room for the deflection to occur.

Street Furniture

This is a collective term for pieces of equipment that are placed along roads and streets to aid in influencing the behaviour of road users and to help pedestrians. Street furniture can come in the form of cycle stands, cycle racks, floral displays, benches and planters. The design of street furniture in Australia takes into account where it is placed, the aesthetics, function, pedestrian mobility, visual identity and road safety.

Safety Bollards

Safety bollards are equipment that is placed on roads and streets to provide physical barriers to traffic and protect people and site perimeters from damage caused by accidents. They can be placed to divide directions and traffic lanes alongside entryways, buildings and more. Safety bollards can be found in various styles, sizes and colours. They are also very easy to install on existing concrete surfaces. However, you will have to choose embedded posts or anchor castings if you plan to have them installed on a new concrete surface.

Safety for Public Spaces with Ezi Security

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