The APT30AT is the worlds shallowest foundation automatically rising PAS68 telescopic bollard that has been fully tested at MIRA with the N2 7.5 ton vehicle travelling at 48kph. With a foundation depth of just 500mm (almost half the depth of its nearest competitor) it has an impressive raise height of 900mm to prevent most vehicles […]

A new shallow rising bollard, will stop a 7.5 ton truck at 40 mph or 64 km at 90 degrees from breaking through the security line. This system will also reduce the need to re-divert utilities. The system is one of the most economical on the market for both bollard systems and installation. It is […]

The APT30SM is the worlds first impact tested bollard that can be bolted to any existing concrete foundation making it perfect for suspended slabs or other areas where you have existing concrete. It was tested at TRL with the N2 7.5 ton vehicle at 48kph. The APT30SM will protect any key facility from a vehicular […]

The APT40SH is an ultra shallow foundation static bollard tested at Mira with the N2 7.5 ton vehicle at 64kph. This bollard requires a foundation depth of just 125mm meaning you can easily avoid all ground based services. The unique and simple nature used to connect the bollards means that it can be installed in […]

Ezi Security offers two PAS68 Bi-Folding gates both successfully tested at 40mph and 50mph with a N2 and N3 vehicle respectively (7500kg). The patent applied for arrestor system produced the lowest penetration classification in its class. With shallow foundation and extremely low penetration both products provide a superb engineered solution for protection against hostile vehicle […]

The unique design of the Tracked Gate M50 affords impact protection and is therefore ideal for all critical infrastructure applications ranging from correctional facilities, critical defence sites, courts, airports, refineries, embassies, and many other designated high-risk areas. The Tracked Gate M50 can be adapted in height and fitted with anti-climbing devices to comply with site-specific […]

This newly designed fencing system can be fitted in soft waterlogged ground or hard ground with only a foundation of 400mm deep. The foundation post blocks are not linked underground so you do not have to run the fence in a straight line. The posts slings have also been designed so they are independently linked […]

Crash-tested product with only 2.4m penetration – the worlds shortest penetration in its foundation class This new Anti Terrorist Bollard, has been designed with the added advantage that the slipper box (or  post socket box) can be moved separately and is not rigid. The box can be swivelled around a corner of 90 degrees or […]

The Ezi Turnstile System is designed to control pedestrian movements within unmanned security locations. This will secure your perimeter from unauthorised use. Each system, when combined with access control, offers bi-directional pedestrian travel. A passage frequency of 10-15 people per minute should be considered realistic. Pedestrian movements and timing of such is always dependant on the various […]

The Ezi swing gate system is designed and engineered to Ezi’s exacting calculations and standards with a strong emphasis on safety. Each Ezi swing gate system comprises the following important mechanical modules: the hinge support post, the gate leaf and the end post. Each gate is bolted to a concrete footing that is engineered to provide adequate weight to counterbalance the […]

Ezi Security manufacture its products so we are able to guarantee optimum quality control. Ezi Security specialises in the manufacturing, sales, installations and servicing of physical barrier systems to our exacting standards. The Ezi Boom gate system is specifically designed as a true industrial quality product.   Whether it’s to regulate traffic, warn of danger or to implement traffic calming, the Ezi boom […]

The Ezi Industrial Sliding Gate system is based on the principles of counter balancing. These systems are designed and engineered to Ezi’s exacting calculations and standards with a strong emphasis on safety. Each Ezi Industrial Slide Gate system comprises the following important mechanical modules. The modules consist of the gate main support tower, the gate […]

Each Ezi Heavy Industrial slide gate is designed with automation features as standard. An industrial three-phase drive motor, PLC control logic, frequency invertor and proximity sensors are some of the highly advanced products used in Ezi’s product range. Each Ezi PLC system allows for special features and auxiliary equipment to be added without major parts redundancy for example, traffic light controls […]

The elkosta quick folding gate EntraQuick® PU30 is an innovative single leaf bi-folding gate which, unlike traditional access control products such as sliding gates and barriers, offers ultimate security for vehicle access points due to its ability to provide full height perimeter protection. It also has very short operating times as well as impact resistance […]

These high performance impact resistant gates are cantilevered and automated, operating fully above-ground. TruckStopper™ is designed to obstruct all vehicles and pedestrians, offering 3.5 metre to 6 metre opening spans. TruckStopper™ has been successfully tested for impact, including stopping a 7.5 tonne truck at 82.3kph. TruckStopper™ is available in multiple versions and with a range […]

The Eagle IWA 14 swing gate is specifically designed as a low cost manual gate for openings up to 8m. The gate can be constructed in sections, allowing the system to be easily shipped and built on site. Key Features The Eagle Lockdown gate is the latest addition to the Eagle portfolio of crash tested […]

The INTERREGATOR is the worlds widest cantilever gate tested at 8m clear opening and 50mph. Eagle continue to lead the field with their innovative arrestor system. The gate produced outstanding results when tested on the N3 vehicle with only 1.6m of dynamic penetration. Eagle Automation offers two cantilever sliding gates both successfully tested at 40mph […]

Available as a manual double leaf swing gate with opening of up to 8.0m. Available as an automated single leaf gate swing with opening of up to 6.0m. Heights up 3.6m. Very secure with opening and closing speed of 25-35 seconds. Full PLC control. Galvanised and powder coated. Smooth and quiet operation. Low maintenance with […]

Compared to the previous model, the Wedge II features many technically innovative details: State of the art foundation and reinforcement High energy efficiency due to employment of pressure spring pistons Optimised starting power and lifting power for raising of blocking element due to energy stored in pressure springs Reduced working oil volume due to single […]

Optimal security solution for highly sensitive entry points. Wedges offer maximum security for highly sensitive entry points against unauthorised vehicles of all sizes and weights. Typical areas of application are embassies, government seats, research and development centres, power stations, industrial plants, military sites, airports and other high security areas. The elkosta Wedge Barrier K12 is […]

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