NEW PRODUCT: Anti-terrorist bridge safety bollard

Ezi Security Systems introduces a new ultra-shallow pedestrian safety bollard sourced directly from UK partners SafetyFlex

Australia’s leading perimeter security solutions specialist, Ezi Security Systems, is excited to bring an innovative new style of safety bollard to the Australian market.

Coined the “London Bridge bollard” owing to its inspiration for development, the new security solution from UK bollard stalwart SafetyFlex is a safety barrier innovation with several key differences from other bollards on the market.

Designed to stop a truck travelling at speeds close to 48kph (30mph), the new bollard features an ultra-shallow profile and bespoke heritage design to keep pedestrians safe from hostile vehicle attacks on public roads and bridges.


Bollard Technical Specs

  • Crash tested with an 18-tonne (N3C) vehicle driving at 48kph (30mph)
  • IWA14 rating, tested with 30° attack angle
  • Ultra-shallow 80mm deep topping
  • No pinning to the bridge deck required
  • High-speed installation anywhere in Australia and NZ


Security solutions for today’s risk environment

Governments, local councils, urban developers and private organisations can all benefit by using the London Bridge bollard. Its shallow topping and IWA14 impact rating make it a versatile pedestrian safety solution, especially in areas where deep footings cause logistical headaches. Plus, it was designed to be a lightweight, cost-effective system deployed at scale.

Hostile vehicle threats remain high on the list of safety concerns in public spaces around Australia and New Zealand. This bollard, like the entire range of impact-rated bollards Ezi Security supply, is designed to create a barrier for pedestrians and cyclists to use the bridge safely.

But it’s important not to spoil the view at the same time. That’s why the London Bridge bollard, with its aesthetically appealing heritage design and sleek contemporary silhouette, is an unbeatable choice for public bridges and busy roads.

We expect to see interest from many of our clients, especially councils and governments working on new bridge projects in densely populated areas.


Ezi Security Systems and SafetyFlex: A partnership for the benefit of our clients

SafetyFlex is a world-renowned safety bollard developer based in the United Kingdom. In light of recent hostile vehicle activity in the UK and Europe, their engineers were tasked with designing and producing a lightweight, low-profile bollard for cyclist and pedestrian safety. It needed to withstand a vehicle as large as London’s famous big red busses, with a heritage-inspired contemporary design.

Ezi Security saw the opportunity to introduce this innovative product into Australia, continuing a partnership with SafetyFlex that has seen several industry-leading security solutions supplied to local clients.


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