Types of Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Equipment

With life back in our cities as the mayhem of the last two years of lockdowns and restrictions is calming down, it is more important than ever to ensure our roads and public places are safe for pedestrians and traffic. If our towns and cities want to improve their road safety as traffic increases, they must pay extra attention to their pedestrian and traffic safety equipment.

Read on to learn more about the types of road traffic equipment and pedestrian safety devices we use here at Ezi Security.


Protecting pedestrians from traffic can be stylish as well as functional. We offer two types of effective vehicle barriers, our Safetyflex Crash Block seating ranges which not only give people a chance to sit and rest but also create a strong crowd control barrier against danger.

Pedestrian Controls

As people flood back to concerts and sporting events, our pedestrian controls offer turnstile solutions to ensure good pedestrian flow entering and exiting venues. Ezi Security’s street furniture allows you to embed security into your locations from the outset, merging style with safety and attaining the best possible outcomes.


The Safetyflex universal slimline planter is the world’s smallest crash-rated security planter. Safetyflex is the only slimline planter in the marketplace customisable to any size requirements, perfect for beautifying and protecting public spaces. Versatile and practical, these planters protect pedestrians and ensure traffic stays on the rods.

security planters


Parking and safety bollards protect pedestrians from vehicles and are available in various sizes and configurations. Bollards can protect pedestrians from hostile attacks and accidental impingement by cars. Bollards can also be remotely controlled, allowing secure vehicles access to relevant spaces where needed. Our experts can talk you through our range of safety bollards, allowing you to choose the one best suited to your needs.

safety bollards sydney

Surface mounted barriers

From concrete crash blocks designed to stop a 7.5-tonne truck travelling at 64 kilometres an hour to heavy-duty swing gates intended to swing in both directions with incredible stopping capacity, Ezi Security has a surface-mounted removable barrier to suit your needs. We also stock the Claw, a portable hostile vehicle barrier perfect for short-term installation or more permanent placements.

These are just some of our pedestrian and road traffic safety equipment items. As crowd and traffic control are an intrinsic part of any project development, you must carefully consider all choices before work commences. Without protection in place, you run the risk of compromising the success of events, developments, and projects.

Choose Ezi Security for your road and pedestrian safety

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We offer a wide range of safety barriersbollards, and street furniture to help improve the safety measures of your public spaces.

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