What Type of Electric Gates Are Ideal for Your Space?

automatic gates to secure your businesses

Motorised gates provide Sydney businesses with security and flexibility.

Constant advancements in speed and technology mean remote control and automatic gates are rising in popularity. But let’s get one thing straight about gates: there are many gate systems available, each with unique features and advantages.

With years of experience supplying and installing a wide range of motorised automatic gates in Sydney, nationally, and overseas, the Ezi Security team is here to help you find the right gate to suit your space and needs.

What are the different types of manual and electric gates available?

Auto gates are used by commercial and industrial properties for hostile vehicle mitigation, traffic control, intruder deterrence, privacy, and more. With so many motorised gate variations available, let’s start by outlining the key features.

Swing gates

A popular driveway gate choice where space is limited, swing gates come in three configurations:

  • Single swing gate, the most secure against vehicles but slower to open
  • Dual leaf swing gate, fast to open however less secure against ramming
  • Bi-Folding gate, fastest to open and the best choice where space is limited

Light Industrial Sliding Gates

Ideal for premises with two-way traffic flow and limited backup space, sliding gates provide security and control at entry and exit points. Automatic sliding gates are often used to secure car parks and high-traffic commercial premises.

Cantilever Sliding Gates

For extra-wide entries, cantilever gates provide a secure solution that doesn’t require rails or additional mechanisms. They are ideal for businesses that require wider gate openings for gigantic trucks and entry points that maintain four-lane traffic. This vehicle gate is best to be installed along with other vehicle mitigation. This solution is best for warehouses, factories, and military airbases.

Manual vs Motorised Gates: Which is better?

All our gates can be installed with manual or electric opening options. The main advantage of electric gates is they can be installed with remote control systems, keypads, or automatic sensors for smooth traffic management.

Commercial and industrial premises receiving high volumes of couriers, deliveries, and visitors will generally opt for the control and speed of electric gates. However manual gates still have their place in low traffic settings, including remote and regional facilities.

Invest in Safety with Crash-Tested Gates

Vehicles, whether accidentally or deliberately, can be used to endanger staff or break into a secured property. Ezi Security maintains a range of gates rated to withstand vehicle impacts so you can rest assured there are no weak points in your perimeter security:

Which Gate Should You Choose?

Deciding on the right gate system to keep your premises secure, you need to weigh up the options and consider the available space.

Ezi Security supply and install a wide range of electric gates for Sydney businesses and nationwide. With security and your satisfaction front of mind, we can tailor a solution to secure your commercial or industrial premises.

To get a custom quote and learn more about our wide range of manual and electric gates, browse through the website or call Ezi Security.