The Ezi swing gate system is designed and engineered to Ezi’s exacting calculations and standards with a strong emphasis on safety. Each Ezi swing gate system comprises the following important mechanical modules: the hinge support post, the gate leaf and the end post. Each gate is bolted to a concrete footing that is engineered to provide adequate weight to counterbalance the system. The combination of gate design and concrete footing allows the gate to swing out over the relevant road opening without tipping or sagging.

Up to 6 metre road widths (for a single gate) are standard within our product range. Twelve metre road coverage is available by utilising our dual gate option. Each Ezi swing gate is designed with automation features as standard. An industrial three-phase drive motor, PLC control logic, frequency invertor and proximity sensors are some of the highly advanced components used in Ezi’s product range. Each Ezi PLC system allows for special features and auxiliary equipment to be added without major parts redundancy, e.g. traffic light controls and card access readers.

Our main support and bearing platform is well balanced and provides smooth and efficient operations. Each swing gate system operates at high speed, with an 8 second opening time. Soft closure and torque control for wind situations are standard with every system. The Ezi swing gate system operates utilising a lever arm assembly connecting the gate leaf directly to our 40mm motor/ gearbox output shaft. All lever arms are painted safety yellow, with our motor housing powder-coat painted gloss black.

Every Ezi system has been designed with safety in mind. Our visual and audible warning systems are standard. An array of photo- electric safety cells and vehicle induction loops also form part of the standard product. The Ezi swing gate system is not affected by road crowns, kerbs or falls for drainage in roads. All associated works to install an Ezi swing gate system are performed off to the side of the relevant road, thereby avoiding closures which can be inconvenient and costly to your business.

The Ezi swing gate system has no equal in the industrial market place. Each system will perform reliably all day, every day. Our wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the years has enabled Ezi to evolve and develop this premium product to suit a variety of changing environments. The swing gate systems, as developed by Ezi, are purpose-built for the industrial market place. The key consideration is safety of operation without compromise to security. High levels of performance, aesthetically pleasing design and unrivalled reliability are also features.

The high performance and advanced technology built into each Ezi swing gate will ensure reliable operation for many years to come. Ezi boasts a large end-user customer base and continues to provide product and service to Australia’s leading corporations.

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