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Crowded Spaces such as stadiums, shopping centres, pedestrian malls, civic spaces and major events will continue to be an attractive target for terrorists. This presentation outlines key design principles, offers insight into how protective measures can be integrated into public and private places leading to the development of effective and aesthetically complimentary design that help protect crowded spaces from hostile vehicles.

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Protecting Crowded Spaces: A CPD Presentation

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Safety for people who work in, use, and visit public spaces is a collective effort

Ezi Security Systems has been designing and installing pedestrian safety measures for crowded spaces for over 25 years. As a crowded space and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) specialist, we want to share our expertise with architecture and urban planning professionals in a bid to reduce risk in crowded spaces and improve pedestrian safety standards across the board.

Our presentation, Protecting Crowded Spaces, is an integral part of ongoing professional development for architects in Australia. As well as hearing from a team on the leading edge of pedestrian safety, street furniture, and safety barriers in Australia, you will earn 1 of 10 formal CPD points for the year.

Pedestrian safety in crowded spaces

Australia’s tourist attractions, public spaces and major events are, unfortunately, not immune to the threats of terrorism and hostile vehicle attacks. But those risks can be minimised, with intelligent design and the right products.

Ezi Security Systems is a public safety partner for urban development products projects up and down the east coast. We design and supply safety bollards, crowd control barricades, urban furniture, vehicle gates and more, to address the threat of violent antisocial behaviour in crowded spaces:

  • Shopping centres
  • Busy pedestrian streets
  • Public spaces
  • Tourist attractions
  • Major events
  • Sports stadiums
  • Parks and gardens
  • Pedestrian footpaths
  • Temporary street closures

Anyone who owns or operates such locations has a responsibility to be aware of the risks, as well as how they can be minimised.

safety bollards sydney

How to design spaces for pedestrian safety

Pedestrian safety measures can be seamlessly integrated into the design of public (and private) places to create an attractive aesthetic, effective HVM and smooth foot traffic flow. And it’s easier than you might realise. Thanks to innovations in removable bollards, crowd control barriers, bollard lighting, and street furniture in Australia, there is no need for pedestrian safety to be ugly – or an afterthought.

Our presentation covers design and integration for HVM measures in crowded spaces:

  • Key design principles
  • Who has a role in protecting crowded spaces
  • Strategies in protecting people
  • Understanding and interpreting regulations and standards
  • Available solutions in safety barriers and bollards

Our goal is to ensure urban development projects, whether public or private, effectively protect the people who use the space. This CPD presentation covers off the key theoretical points of pedestrian safety. From there it’s over to implementation – and that’s where our expertise is put into practice.

Interested in receiving our Protecting Crowded Spaces CPD presentation? Contact us directly to organise a convenient time.

Ezi Security Systems: Premium perimeter protection for crowded spaces

Ezi Security Systems is the leading name in pedestrian safety and street furniture. From bollards to crowd control barriers, urban furniture to integrated HVM solutions, it is our job to help you keep crowded spaces safe from threats.

Our pedestrian safety solutions are used in many high-profile locations, thanks to a client portfolio featuring the likes of City of Sydney Council, City of Melbourne Council, Brisbane Council and Gold Coast Council. Ezi Security bollards and barricades prevent hostile vehicle attacks on the Opera House, Darling Quarter, NSW Premier’s Office and Australian National Maritime Museum, to name only a few.

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