Why our PAS 68 pedestrian safety bollards are the ultimate security solution

PAS 68 pedestrian safety bollards in Perth

Our team receives numerous enquiries about crash-rated products, in particular, PAS 68 bollards, focusing on their performance and protection qualities in public spaces. We understand there are numerous passive and active safety barrier options out there, so in this blog, we are going to explain what sets PAS 68 crash-rated products apart from other options in Australia:

  • What the PAS 68 rating means
  • How it’s tested
  • Benefits of PAS 68 for pedestrian safety

What does PAS 68 mean for safety bollards?

PAS 68 is a performance rating for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) products like safety barriers and safety bollards, and it refers to a standard test to see how much impact the bollard can withstand.

PAS means Publicly Available Specification, and PAS 68 is overseen by the British Standards Institution. Introduced in 2005 (and last updated in 2013), PAS 68 has become the global standard for crash rated barriers because it sets out the test to determine how effective an HVM product will be.

Are all PAS 68 crash rated products the same?

It’s a common misconception that all PAS 68-rated bollards perform to the same standards. The key to understanding the technical specifications comes in the serial numbers of letters you see after the PAS 68 rating.

Take our PAS 68 Static Bollards for example. In the technical specifications tab, you can see “V7500(N2)64/90:3”.

  • V7500(N2)64/90:3: Vehicle weight (in this case 7,500kg)
  • V7500(N2)64/90:3: Vehicle type as per EU classification (in this case N2 is a truck between 3.5 and 12 tonnes)
  • V7500(N2)64/90:3: Test speed (in this case 64km/h)
  • V7500(N2)64/90:3: Impact angle (in this case 90°)
  • V7500(N2)64/90:3: Impact penetration (in this case the vehicle travelled 3 metres beyond the bollard position measured at a specific point

Moving on from the technical aspects, now let’s look at the practical benefits of PAS 68 rated crash rated barrier.

Where would you find a PAS 68 bollard?

Most of our PAS 68 bollards are installed along roads, or on the border of public spaces, where HVM is a security concern for councils or private landowners. Public roads, open squares, event spaces, sports ovals, building forecourts and public footpaths can all be properly protected with the right security solution.

With our many PAS 68-rated safety products available in Sydney and Australia-wide, our range of solutions is versatile and comprehensive:

Ezi Security and Safetyflex introducing safety bollard innovations

Recently, with our UK development partner Safetyflex, we began installing a brand-new safety bollard designed to stop a truck travelling at high speeds dead in its tracks. While the new design looks like a regular slimline bollard, internal Springflex technology allows the bollard to move around the 5 cartesian planes (X, Y and Z axes) to absorb impact more effectively.




Put simply, nothing is getting past this PAS 68 bollard.

  • Tested with a 7.5-tonne truck
  • Impact tested at 90°
  • Vehicle moving at 30, 40 and 50mph (up to 80kph) is stopped in its tracks
  • Rotates on each axis working as a lateral translation spring, lateral bending spring and torsion spring

How to choose the right PAS 68 bollard

Hopefully, by now you understand a little more about PAS 68 bollards and why the rating is important for protecting pedestrians in public places. Remember: there are many ratings and technical details to consider, from the depth of footing to the stopping distance and much more.

The easiest way to find the most effective, affordable, and reliable HVM security solution is by getting in touch with Ezi Security Systems. Our comprehensive range of street furniture, pedestrian safety bollards, vehicle gates and fences are found around Sydney (and all over Australia).

With advice from our safety bollard experts and wholesale pricing on the best pedestrian safety solutions in Australia, Ezi Security Solutions are your all-in-one security solutions partner.