Benefits of Using Planters for Perimeter Protection

When you put pedestrians or crowds side-by-side with vehicle traffic, the risks are immediately apparent. But there are situations where installing tough fencing or concrete barriers could dampen the ambience and make the public insecure, despite providing a safe environment.

Thankfully, Ezi Security Systems have a solution for all types of high-risk environment. Impact-rated street furniture, tested to stop heavy vehicles travelling at high speed, is not only an effective perimeter solution but also an attractive alternative to complement the urban landscape.

In Australia, street furniture to PAS-68 standard keeps pedestrians and vehicles separated. And no street furniture looks better than our Safetyflex Universal Slimline Planter and Crash Block 50 simultaneously adding safety and aesthetic appeal in an open space.

What are the benefits of street furniture in Australia?

Enhance aesthetic appeal and comfort

Nobody enjoys living in a concrete jungle. Our street furniture solutions combine strategic pedestrian safety with a touch of nature and the capability to be modified to match existing architectural design. Our Safetyflex Crash Block offers unique cover options that may suit site design requirements. Along with these elegant designs, this solution can stop a 7-tonne truck running 50mph from 90-degree impact.

Or consider the Eos Ferrocast seat, made from tough iron and finished with timber slats. With the same RhinoGuard protective technology as the Giove planter, the Eos seat is a safe and attractive addition to any communal space.

PAS-68 rated peace of mind

PAS-68 is an international performance rating against vehicle impact. Street furniture in Australia can only protect against trucks and other heavy vehicles if it carries a rating like PAS-68.

Read more about PAS-68 ratings on our website.

Our PAS-68 rated street furniture

We keep an extensive range of PAS-68 rated bollards and Australian street furniture in stock, ready to deploy at your request:

Bollards vs Planters: Which is better?

Bollards and street furniture are both effective pedestrian safety solutions. Choosing between the two requires you to analyse the space, the safety requirements, access points, and aesthetic requirements/constraints provided by the local councils.

Greening a public space

Planters add a touch of nature to urban environments. If there is already sufficient greenery in the area – in perimeter gardens, grassed areas or shady trees – then bollards may be a better solution to manage safety without obstructing the view.

However, the versatility of PAS-68 planters means you can plant several types of shady trees, flowering bushes, native shrubs and ornamental greenery to delight pedestrians and soften the feel of any built environment.

BulletProof and Flood Proof

While it provides an elegant design, Ezi Security surface mounted planters are also bulletproof and flood-proof providing an extra layer of security at your perimeter against physical and natural calamity security concerns. The great advantage with CRASH-RATED PLANTERS is that they can be permanent or temporary solutions as it can take a few hours or a couple of days to install. They can also be dressed in a cladding of choice, or fitted with a planter with seating benches. All work can be done without disturbing existing groundwork

Access control

PAS-68 planters will stop a loaded truck travelling at nearly 50km/h, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they are heavy. If your site requires intermittent vehicle access like emergency services, contractors, deliveries or street cleaners, collapsible bollards or a vehicle gate can complement surrounding street furniture with the flexibility of granular access control.

Sydney’s best street furniture solutions

Street furniture is diverse, versatile and scalable. Balancing the best-looking solutions with a cost-effective safety strategy requires the expertise of Ezi Security Systems, Australia’s street furniture experts. With an extensive range ready to go, plus 28 years of experience to offer deep insight and tailored advice, it’s worth giving us a call.

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