Ezi Security’s ’Bollards’ product family offers solutions for entries where pedestrians may enter unhindered but vehicle traffic is to be stopped. The attractive design makes the bollard useable in inner city surroundings and can be used for city security and traffic management. Applications can range from temporary closing of city centres – but still allowing vehicles with permission to pass – to real estate properties with high security needs. Ezi Security products are widely used on military sites, at government buildings, embassies, banks and city centres. Compact and crash bollards share a rigid steel tube as the blocking element and are available in different sizes. The lowered bollard adheres to bridge class 60, so even the heaviest wheeled vehicles can drive over it safely. All moving bollards are equipped with a hydraulic drive.

The advantages of this drive technology are maximum power transmission and working reliability under most adverse weather conditions. The raising speed is adjustable. A second advantage of the hydraulic drive is the possibility to drive several bollards with one aggregate and control board. The drive can be installed in the Elkosta Bollard or in a separate drive cabinet.

Downloads: Catalogue |M30: Datasheet / Video | M50: Datasheet / Video