Why Use Parking Bollards?

parking bollard

Parking bollards play an essential role in the safety and aesthetics of almost any commercial or residential space. The strategic use of bollards in pedestrian and vehicle use areas protects both people and assets and functions as advanced perimeter security for events, concerts, construction sites and many other situations.

Site Specific Usage

Replacing temporary concrete blocks with permanent fixed or retractable bollards allows flexibility to customise an area during an event, enabling event operations to run smoothly and safely. When correctly spaced, bollards create clear, impassable barriers for vehicles while allowing free pedestrian flow and ensuring pedestrian safety. In many city centres and commercial areas, bollards offer a flexible and sustainable alternative to continuous barriers such as fences and jersey barriers.

Parking Bollards To Protect People

The ultimate in pedestrian safety equipment, bollards clearly define pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow, resulting in stress-free interactions between vehicles and pedestrians. They make it easy to differentiate between the two while adding extra security to the area. Static bollards reduce the risk of vehicles veering off course in the case of an emergency, acting as a buffer to protect people passing by.

Where Should You Use Parking Bollards?

Bollards are perfect for when you require improved traffic control, parking management, pedestrian access, and congestion reduction.

Bollards To Protect Infrastructure Assets

Parking bollards provide additional height protection, creating a buffer between oncoming traffic and costly infrastructure. Locations such as gates, entryways, lift wells, columns, gas, water pipes, and entrances to shopping centres often feature bollards as extra perimeter security.

Strategically installed parking bollards are also a great way to protect and maintain parking asset infrastructure. They protect expensive assets, but they also function as protection between designated use areas. For example, bollards can protect a footpath and potentially hazardous zones where heavy machinery like forklifts work in a warehouse or industrial setting. Bollards in this setting can enhance workplace health and safety while also providing advanced perimeter security.

Bollards To Maintain Accessibility And Protect Vulnerable Populations

Children, seniors, and wheelchair users can often be especially vulnerable in car parks. Considerate placement of parking bollards can offer extra protection from oncoming traffic to vulnerable people.

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