Water Jersey Barriers vs Impact and Rapid Defenders

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Water Jersey Barriers vs Rapid Defenders As Perimeter Security Solution

Water jersey barriers are widely used on Australian roads. However, how much do we know about its safety capability and security block strength?  Could it protect crowded spaces against unwanted accidents or intentional hostile vehicles?

What are Jersey Barriers?

Jersey barriers are widely used to prevent vehicles from entering the opposite lane or to protect errant motorists from hitting roadside hazards or obstacles. They are also placed to block unwanted pedestrian access commonly placed within construction sites to channel the diversion of foot traffic.

However, as it is often deemed cheaper and more accessible compared to proper Hostile Vehicle Mitigation security solutions, many use these barriers to create a robust and secure perimeter to a job site. A decision that may need further caution as these barriers are only designed for the deflection of vehicles rather than serving as vehicle safety barriers.

Water Jersey Barriers Do Not Necessarily Offer Protection

It is not the right application for this product. Here are some given examples of why we should not be using water barriers to offer protection for outdoor dinners:

A car plowed into barriers protecting an outdoor dining area outside Blue Agave restaurant. Read more


The vehicle came to rest on top of the barriers, which can be seen in photos and videos captured by a person who was passing by. Read more

Crowded Spaces Safety with Ezi

When we speak of crowded space protection, we are not just looking at security within public events in stadia, shopping malls, and festivals. According to ANZCTC, crowded places are locations that are easily accessible by a large number of people on a predictable basis. Crowded places do not have to be buildings and can include open public spaces such as parks, pedestrian lanes, storefronts and outdoor dining setups. Hence, improving crowded spaces’ perimeter security should not come at the detriment of unwise decisions in choosing the right application.

For this reason, we at Ezi Security Systems, thoroughly tailor our security solutions to suit your environment. Ezi Security Systems designs manufacture and installs both temporary and permanent security solutions that do more than just control crowds and deflect vehicles.

The Impakt Defender and Rapid Defender systems provide a strong line of defence between hostile vehicles and your building, construction works or event. Our range of temporary surface-mounted solutions provides provide high security against vehicle attacks.

Impakt Defender

Designed to protect innocent punters, buildings and other infrastructure from hostile vehicle attacks, the Impakt Defender from Ezi Security Systems will go above and beyond your expectations for crowd control barriers.

A single piece of this pedestrian and crowd barrier is 1 m3 and comes in at a huge 460kg in weight. To protect perimeters and entrance sites, the Impakt Defender is surface mounted, with each piece of barrier connected and secured into the desired position via steel cables. Depending on your event requirements, the barrier can also be anchored to the ground to create a stronger perimeter security solution.

Rapid Defender

As the name suggests, the Rapid Defender provides a quick, robust defence against hostile vehicles around your public event. At around one-tenth of the weight of the Impakt Defender, four people can deploy the Rapid Defender in less than five minutes on a wide range of flooring types, including uneven ground and on roads around stadiums. Rapid Defender is a popular choice at events to provide temporary security along the perimeter as well as crowd control to filter punters where they need to go.