Ezi Security Systems Joins PSSA

Ezi Security is proud to announce that we have recently been approved as an Installer Member of the Perimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA). We are thrilled to be the first Australian supplier of commercial security solutions to have successfully been awarded this prestigious accreditation.

What is PSSA?

Based in the UK, PSSA is the premier international, non-profit trade association for companies that design, install and supply high-level security products. An association limited by guarantee and registered in 2009, PSSA was formed following consultation within the sector and encouragement from the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

The Association champions the development and promotion of security expertise, while enforcing rigorous standards for the installation of high-performance security products around the world.

What is an Installer Member?

Installer Members of the PSSA are not only installers of their own meticulously designed and manufactured high and perimeter security products, but are also project management organisations who install a premium range of other specialist commodities.

To be granted membership of the PSSA, rigorous financial and sector-specific accreditation standards must be met, and those demanded by the Association are amongst the highest in the security market.

In a world facing ever-growing demand for public safety and hazard mitigation measures, it has become imperative to enforce the gold standard in the sector. This means PSSA membership is a prestigious badge of honour that Ezi Security is proud to now hold.

Why should you consider credentials when reviewing your security needs?

In a time of rising security concerns, customers around the world are increasingly searching for greater guarantees when investing in specialist products. When selecting a supplier for perimeter protection and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) solutions, it has never been more important to distinguish competing providers using independently evaluated criteria.

PSSA not only provides advice and support to members from industry-leading global professionals, it also enforces a verification scheme that ensures all products supplied by its members conform to the highest of international standards. All products must be designed and manufactured to fulfill customer and regulatory requirements, as well as to ensure the intended outcome when used.

As a PSSA member, Ezi Security Systems can therefore enjoy the benefits of this hub of transnational expertise while ensuring we meet their strict standards. This quality guarantee aligns with Ezi Security’s mission to provide leading-edge solutions; as the only member across the country, our membership of PSSA is a testament to this.

Ezi Security Systems – A Leading Security Provider for Australians

At Ezi Security we pride ourselves on our innovative contributions to the security industry for 27 years, and on our ability to deliver high-performing products backed by 24/7 service and maintenance programmes.

As an Installer Member of PSSA, we ensure you can confidently rely on us to deliver sophisticated and personalised security solutions – be it temporary crowded space safety installations or hostile vehicle barrier gates.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your serious security Ezi.