Arrestor – Eagle Automated Rising Arm Barrier

Ezi Security Systems Won In 2022 Australian Security Industry Awards

Once again, Ezi Security Systems has proudly won the 2022 Australian Security Industry Association Ltd annual industry Award for Excellence – Physical Security Systems. The product under the spotlight of this year’s award is Eagle Automation’s ‘Arrestor’ – Automated Rising Arm Barrier.

Automatic Rising Arm Barrier

The latest innovation from Eagle Automation, the Arrestor – Automated Rising Arm Barrier does away with previous limitations impeding HVM barriers and ingeniously combines the requirement of only a shallow foundation (400mm – comprising 20mm blinding, 330mm concrete, 50mm surface finish) with the ability to mitigate an external force with minimal penetration. Such an effective combination of protection puts the Arrestor in a class of its own and places itself as a worthy recipient of this year’s award.

Suitable for opening widths ranging from 3-7m, the Arrestor features unique ‘Secure Before Impact’ technology. Utilising an automatic or manual locking pin on the closing portal, negates the need for impact for the beam to catch into the locking system.

Available in a manual or automated format, the system is an IWA-14 test accredited to V/7200[N2A]/64/90:3.0.