The Truckstopper 9-40 Bollard: A Breakthrough in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Technology

Ezi Security Systems’ Truckstopper 9-40 Bollard: A Breakthrough in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Technology

Incidents of hostile vehicle attacks directed at crowded public spaces, both here in Australia and internationally, have begun to draw focus on the ability to protect pedestrians and the general public. With an emphasis on pedestrian safety, particularly in high traffic public areas, authorities are focusing on hostile vehicle mitigation technology to stop offending vehicles before they reach pedestrians. Authorities refer to Australia-New Zealand Counter Terrorism (ANZCTC)’s document ‘Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism’ to assist in designs.

At Ezi Security Systems, we’ve designed a breakthrough system engineered to minimise penetration and keep crowds and pedestrians safer. Known as the Truckstopper 9-40 Bollard (TS9-40), our innovative safety barriers are centred on maximising safety in public spaces, whilst providing the ability to be hidden in everyday products seen in urban landscapes

The Rising Concerns for Pedestrian Safety

From local attacks on busy metropolitan streets to incidents occurring across the world, pedestrians and the general public have become victims to crime and attacks. As concerns for public safety rise, councils across the world are implementing safety barriers and removable bollards designed to enhance safety and minimise the possibility of hostile vehicle threats and attacks.

A Revolutionary Low Penetration, Shallow-Mount Bollard

Our newly released Truckstopper 9-40 (TS9-40) fixed or removable crash tested bollard system represents an innovative breakthrough in shallow mount hostile vehicle mitigation technology. In response to the rising concern of pedestrians in public places, our safety bollards hope to provide an increased level of threat deterrence and safety for pedestrians.

Based on revolutionary active spring steel technology from Safetyflex, the TS9-40 safety bollards were successfully tested at the MIRA Test Centre in the UK in September 2018. Conceding unprecedented minimal penetration of 2.4m (dynamic) and 2.2m (static) for a shallow foundation (200mm) bollard system impacted at 40mph by an N2A 7500kg GVW truck, our safety bollards were certified to IWA 14-1 2013 Barrier V/7200[N2A]/64/90:2.4 – internationally recognised standards.

Representing a new benchmark in removable bollards and safety barriers for pedestrian safety, the IWA test credential is equivalent to:

  • PAS68-1:2013 Barrier V/7500[N2]/64/90:2.2/15.0
  • ASTM F2656 M40:P2
  • CWA 16221 Fixed bollard V/[N2]7500/64/90:2.2/15.0

Our TS9-40 safety bollards have been engineered to provide maximum protection and safety while maintaining a level of versatility and flexibility in terms of installation location and style. With many assessed target areas existing within CBDs, existing underground services contain deep or extensive foundations. Able to perform successfully with foundations of only 200mm, our safety bollards can follow a curved barrier line and even accommodate stepping to flow the contour of slopes.

2018 Winner of Product of the Year (Physical Security)

Recognised amongst the industry as an innovative new product in hostile mitigation and barrier security, we recently won 2018 Product of the Year (Physical Security) for the Truckstopper 9-40 Bollard (TS9-40). As we’re surrounded by organisations and teams working towards revolutionising security and safety for the general public, we were grateful and appreciative to receive high level recognition and support for this new product.

The Product of the Year category is reserved for products delivering technical innovation and excellence. Nominated for recognition, our winning TS9-40 bollards were judged by two main categories; differentiation and application. We were able to demonstrate how our TS9-40 bollards revolutionise traditional physical security systems and barriers compared to existing products on the market, providing higher reliability, safety, functionality and versatility. Additionally, through successful testing and analysis, our TS9-40 bollards have been approved to be utilised in new applications and with greater security and success in a wide variety of conditions.

Receiving the 2018 Product of the Year award is a significant achievement for us. Recognition from our industry and peers inspires us to continue researching, developing, testing and implementing high quality safety and security systems throughout our target markets.

Ezi Security Systems for Bollards in Sydney

At Ezi Security Systems, we specialise in crafting high quality security systems, safety barriers and safety bollards in Sydney. With expertise in hostile vehicle mitigation and the protection of crowded spaces, we’re consistently delivering sophisticated and innovative solutions incorporating leading technology. Designed with precision to match the requirements of individual projects, areas and locations, our systems provide both vehicle and pedestrian access control.

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