Massive sharp spikes with guaranteed stopping effect

The Anti-Terror/High Security range consists of different systems and products. Within the High Security range the elkosta Tyre Killer forms a high degree of protection against the unauthorised entry or exit of motor vehicles to protected areas or vulnerable installations.

If a vehicle attempts to break through, both its tyres and axles will be destroyed and further progress will certainly be prevented. Typical areas of application are: embassies, industrial plants, power stations, parking lots, car parks, airports, military plants and private properties.

Application type and function

Elkosta Tyre Killers can be used individually or in combination with other Ezi Security products (e.g. road blockers DSP Kl 2, boom barriers, gates or bollards) so that a sluice for vehicles is formed.

The solid sharp spikes will come into position in approximately 2 seconds and block the road with a height of 450mm. The spikes are clearly recognisable thanks to garish warning colours and this ensures approaching vehicles stop in good time. In the lowered position, the elkosta Tyre Killer is completely unobtrusive and is flush with the road surface.

The housing cover corresponds to the bridge class 60, so that the heaviest vehicles can use the secured entry. The “plug and play” elkosta Tyre Killer is characterised by a particularly shallow installation depth. They are particularly suitable for locations in which depth is limited due to in-ground cables or pipes.


  • Short operating time of the spikes
  • Spikes in warning colour
  • Stable Construction as all basic parts consist of steel with high tensile strength
  • Easy installation due to assembly-finished blocking unit and separate drive cabinet
  • Tri-Protect corrosion protection
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation in all climate zones possible
  • All vehicles can drive over the lowered Tyre Killer
  • Emergency control after power failure by a hand pump or an accumulator (option)

Control options

Different control options are available such as:

  • Push-button actuator
  • Code switch
  • Magnet/code card reader
  • Remote control
  • Induction loops
  • Photo beams
  • Finger print scanner
  • Iris scanner
  • Electronic vehicle identification systems
  • Contact free reader systems
  • Crash PAD (a switch at the boom barrier)

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