Boom Gate Manual System

Ezi Security manufacture its products so we are able to guarantee optimum quality control. Ezi Security specialises in the manufacturing, sales, installations and servicing of physical barrier systems to our exacting standards.

The Ezi Boom gate system is specifically designed as a true industrial quality product. Whether it’s to regulate traffic, warn of danger or to implement traffic calming, the Ezi boom gate provides reliable and trouble free performance.

Manual Barriers are available in 3m, 4.5m and 6m. The small and compact design makes the manual barrier stand out above the rest. Ezi prides itself on the design and engineering of the manual boom gate alleviating the requirement for heavy counter weights.

Left and right hand configurations are available. The barrier comes standard with a break away system. This ensures that the boom arm stays attached to the barrier and swings away from the roadway in the event that a vehicle crashes into the boom arm.

This barrier can also be equipped with a jack knife kit for height-restricted areas. The Ezi manual barrier comes in two styles: the Master Manual barrier and the simplistic low cost Manual barrier providing our customers with a solution for all budgets and requirements. Contact your local Ezi representative for an explanation on which barrier most suits your requirements.