Impakt Defender

The Impakt Defender is an IWA14 rated vehicle security barrier (VSB) designed to protect people, buildings and infrastructure from hostile vehicle attack.

Requiring no foundations, the surface mounted system can be rapidly deployed as a temporary or permanent security measure, as part of a robust hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) strategy.

Each 460kg, 1m x 1m x 1m solid rubber unit is connected by steel securing cables, providing the flexibility to protect both entrance areas and site perimeters against hostile vehicle attack. With the units and steel securing cables in position the Impakt Defender can be anchored or fixed to other security barrier solutions to create a stronger physical barrier.

Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber bonded with polyurethane for strength, its tough construction enables the Impakt Defender to be installed almost anywhere, removed and used again and again.

Anchored & Unanchored Options available

Systems Benefits:

  • A physical and visual security deterrent
  • Excellent protection from vehicle borne attacks
  • Unique design deforms to increase stopping performance
  • Over 65% lighter than concrete solutions
  • Modular design allows protection of entrances and perimeters
  • Easy to install, remove and relocate
  • Suitable for all types of sites
  • Install in a straight line or on a curve

Downloads: Brochure