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Crowded Spaces such as stadiums, shopping centres, pedestrian malls, civic spaces and major events will continue to be an attractive target for terrorists. This presentation outlines key design principles, offers insight into how protective measures can be integrated into public and private places leading to the development of effective and aesthetically complimentary design that help protect crowded spaces from hostile vehicles.

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The Truckstopper 7-40 Bollard Triple Set & New Slimline Rising Bollard Design (RB002-40): Recent Crash Tests

truck stopper

Ezi Security Systems’ Truckstopper 9-40 Bollard: A Breakthrough in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Technology

Ezi Security Systems, has once again collaborated with Safetyflex UK in producing two successful crash test on the Truckstopper 7-40 Bollard and newly design Slimline Rising Bollard, the RB002-40.

More information will be available soon but in the meantime, check out the crash test videos which was performed last month.

TS740 Truckstopper – Tested at 45° at 64MPH:


Slimline Rising Bollard – RB002-40 – Tested at 40MPH:


Ezi Security Systems for Bollards in Sydney

At Ezi Security Systems, we specialise in crafting high quality security systems, safety barriers and safety bollards in Sydney. With expertise in hostile vehicle mitigation and the protection of crowded spaces, we’re consistently delivering sophisticated and innovative solutions incorporating leading technology. Designed with precision to match the requirements of individual projects, areas and locations, our systems provide both vehicle and pedestrian access control.

Learn more about our Truckstopper 7-40, Slimline Rising Bollard (RB002-40) System and security solutions. Contact us on 1300 558 304.