Ezi Rapid Deployment Wall System

The Ezi Rapid Deployment Wall System is designed to offer a rapid deployment solution to riot control and property protection. The system is modular and purpose built to suit normal road transport requirements

  • 5 modules in a set
  • No tools required to deploy or set up
  • Bottom module only for vehicular control and friendly crowd control
  • Top fence is developed for aggressive riot control situations, manned defensive line.
  • Polycarbonate infill safe zones for personnel protection from fluids, sprays, etc
  • Each barrier module set offers anti pull cover
  • Designed to rapidly form a vehicular and pedestrian perimeter.

Each barrier base is crash resistant, low level blast ballistic rated base. Wire rope set up to tie five modules together, this offering ram protection from vehicles and also resists pushing and pulling by hundreds of people.

  • Soft colour code being used
  • All modules are colour painted to offer appeal
  • Anti-slip ledge for personnel
  • Snap hook arrangement to allow additional angle blocks to be deployed
  • No bolt down required
  • Each module takes approximately 5-6 minutes to fully deploy from truck to lock in
  • Safe wide walk platform and grab handles
  • Camera and light pole attachments are standard
  • All cabling for cameras and lights can be concealed within deployed units
  • Each module is concrete filled and weighs approximately 4.5 tonnes
  • 20mm wire ropes interconnect
  • Anti-climb and cut mesh used in pedestrian fence