PAS 68 Bi-Folding Speed Gate RAPIDE (40-50mph)

Eagle Automation offers two PAS68 Bi-Folding gates both successfully tested at 40mph and 50mph with a N2 and N3 vehicle respectively (7500kg). The patent applied for arrestor system produced the lowest penetration classification in its class. With shallow foundation and extremely low penetration both products provide a superb engineered solution for protection against hostile vehicle mitigation.

PAS 68 Classification

  • MODEL PAS68 BFG040 Tested at 40mph
  • PAS 68 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.5T (N2) @ 40 mph
  • PAS 68:2010 V/7500(N2)/64/90:0.8/0.0
  • MODEL PAS68 BFG050 Tested at 50mph
  • PAS 68 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.5T (N3) @ 50 mph
  • PAS 68:2010 V/7500(N3)/80/90:0.7/0.0

Key Features

  • Eagle Fibre Technology
  • Trackless
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Opening and closing in approximately 8-9 seconds. Add 3 seconds for locking pin

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